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Bixby Quick Facts
Bixby Chamber of Commerce
Bixby Schools
Bixby Library
Bixby Historical Society
City Departments and Utilities
Dickinson Starworld 20 Theater
Bixby YMCA
Bixby Health Center
Southcrest Hospital

Broken Arrow Official Site
Broken Arrow Schools
Broken Arrow's Community Website
Broken Arrow News

Glenpool Chamber of Commerce
Glenpool Schools
Glenpool Youth Sports

Jenks Chamber of Commerce
Jenks City Website
Jenks Public Schools
Oklahoma Aquarium

Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
University of Tulsa
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Shopping Centers - Bixby has two large shopping centers in the city limits:

Southpark - 10901 S. Memorial Drive

Spartan - 15032 S. Memorial Drive

Recreational Activities

Lakes and water sports - Bixby is within a 90 to 120 minute drive to major lakes and rivers offering fishing, hunting, camping, canoeing, quality cabins and restaurants, golf courses, tennis courts, horseback riding, swimming, skiing, sailing, and hiking.

Amateur and participating sports - High school and Jr. High school sports are popular community activities and well supported by Bixby residents. A few of the organizations providing guidance and support are:

Bixby Soccer Club

Bixby Quarterback Club

Whitey Ford Little League Baseball

Bixby Wrestling Club


There are three (3) city parts and one county park in the city of Bixby.

Haikey Creek Park - A County park, located at 113th and South Garnett. Facilities include a lighted baseball field, grills, jogging paths, nature trails, playground equipment, picnic tables, restroom facilities, shelters, soccer fields, lighted softball field and a lighted tennis court.

Quail Creek Park - located in South Country Estates subdivision in the 8600 block of 106th St. South. Facilities include playground equipment, picnic tables, swing set, a barbeque grill.
Washington Irving Park - located at approximately 1/8 of a mile north of 141st St. South on South Memorial Drive. Facilities include picnic tables.

Charley Young Park - located in downtown Bixby on West Dawes. Facilities include a shelter, picnic tables, benches, playground equipment, and a swing set.

Festivals/Community Activities

In addition to scheduled activities, Bixby has several events that occur annually:

Bixby Green Corn Festival is held each June

Youth Literary Festival (Youth Council of Friends of Irving)

Arbor Day Celebration is held each March

Miss Scholarship Pageant is held each April

Bixby Arts and Crafts Fair and Pumpkin Festival is held each October

Tulsa State Fair

Held annually, usually in September. Livestock, fruit, and vegetables are shown; a rodeo, horse shows, musical entertainment by top name artists; carnival rides and games.

Golf Course

There are two golf courses located in the city limits of Bixby.


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Tennis Court

There are 6 tennis courts in the city limits of Bixby.


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